We provide our employees with official, legal, and safe employment, exclusively. We provide the entirety of our services free of charge. You do not need to pay for obtaining any documents, or for opportunities that are available free of charge.

Legal employment in Poland is only possible based on a visa issued for the purpose of employment – Purpose of issue 05/06, regardless of the type of visa (Schengen Area - C / Poland - D). The same applies to holders of Karta Polaka (Polish Card), based on Visa C – Purpose of issue 18, who can work legally in Poland.
Також легально працювати на території Польщі можуть власники карти поляка на підставі національної візи – тип C, purpose of issue 18. (This sentence does not appear in the previous Ukrainian version)

The pre-condition for legal employment is signing a written employment contract or civil law agreements (a contract to perform a specific task / a commission contract). Employment is effected, based on a declaration of intention to entrust a foreigner with work performance, submitted by the employer, and registered in an appropriate District Employment Agency. Once such a declaration has been submitted, it is possible to submit documents to a consulate or a visa application centre, in order for them to issue a visa. You can find all the details: www.polandvisa-ukraine.com

When you have been issued a visa, it is required to directly contact the recruitment consultant that was responsible for providing you with the required documents. We will be waiting for you on a specific date, at one of the branches of our company. Before departure, you will be provided with specific information, concerning your arrival, including the following: date and place of arrival, possible means of transport, and contact data regarding the coordinators that will welcome you, when you have arrived.

When entering Poland, you need to have the following:
Passport or any other valid travel document;
A valid visa or any other valid document that authorises you to enter and stay in the territory of Poland;
Health insurance for the duration of stay in Poland;
The original declaration about the intention to entrust a foreigner with work performance.
When crossing the border, a foreigner may need to answer questions about the purpose and conditions of their stay in Poland.

We are interested in a long-time cooperation with our employees. Therefore, we make every effort to ensure that it will be possible to extend stay and employment within the territory of Poland, based on permits or temporary residency permits, for each of our projects.